Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cardio On A Busy Schedule

In fitting with the theme of this blog on how to incorporate fitness routines into a busy schedule, we must never forget what is probably the most important muscle in the body - the heart muscle.

Experts (or so called experts) say thirty minutes a day three times a week or more depending on what expert you listen to.

But, with work, families and other stuff life throws at us do we always have the time to do that? While some will say if it's important enough to you you'll make the time.

Well your heart health, and your heart health is important enough so make the time. And here's two suggestions on how you can make the time. More to follow later

1. Take a bike to work as opposed to your car - obviously more practical in warmer climates or in the summer in Canada.

2. Instead of using the elevator use the stairs. But instead of walking up run up the stairs. If you're just starting out and can't make it up every flight in your building take the first flight to the second floor and then go up the elevator. Build up to a level of fitness by starting small and improve in baby steps. Not one giant leap.

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