Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello and welcome to the first post of my fitness blog.

As the name suggests it is intended to help and inspire those who are tight on time to improve their level of fitness.

Whatever your time constraint may be - job, family or whatever - there really is no excuse not to attend to this aspect of your life. My challenges are as of the start of this blog - I work two jobs for sixty to eighty hours a week. Plus I am also an aspiring screenwriter - check out that blog at So I know time constraints.

The main focus will be on bodyweight exercises like pushups, one arm pushups, handstand pushps, bodyweight squats and pullups.

The main benefit to bodyweight exercises is that they are free. You don't need to have a gym membership or the cost of gas driving to the gym. You also don't need any expensive equipment unless you want it.

They can be done anywhere. At work - when the boss isn't around of course. At home or basically anywhere there's room for you to stretch out.

I will be using myself as a guinea pig for everything I try. Then pass the results on to you.

Join me and lets have fun and get fit together.

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