Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exhaustion Test Day

Hello Everyone and welcome back.

Today I performed my exhaustion test for the pushups, situps and squats program. One day late I know but I figured the extra day of rest would do me good.

Verdict for Pushups: 50 straight good form pushups. Half way there to being able to do 100 with two weeks to go in the program.

Verdict for Situps: 50 straight good form situps. One quarter of the way there with four weeks left in this program,

Verdict for Squats: 60 straight good form squats. Only 140 more to go with four weeks in the program.

This week I will be performing the program on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Be sure to check back in then.

By the way for those of you wondering I will be doing reviews of other programs as well in the future along with ones I've done in the past. These programs are very good, highly recommended.

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