Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 6 of the 100 pushups and Week 4 of the Situps and Squats programs

Hello and welcome back.

Today is Week 6, day 1 of my pushups program and week 4 Day 1 of my situps and squats programs found at www.hundredpushups.com.

My goal for the pushups program for this work out is 72 completed. My goal for the situps program is 125. My goal for the squats program is 112.

Verdict on pushups: 58. Not good. Although I did get more than the recommended minimum, I'm not able to get past to where I want. Hopefully though I'll get to 100 on the final test next week.

Verdict for situps: 125. Goal Accomplished.

Verdict for Squats: 112. Goal accomplished.

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