Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 5 Day 3 and Week 3 Day 3 of the pushups, squats and situps programs

Hello and welcome back.

Today was Week 5, day 3 of my 100 pushups program and and week 3 day 3 of my 200 situps and squats program.

My goal for the pushups program was to get to 65, my goal for situps was to get to 117 and my goal for squats was to get to 104.

Verdict for pushups: 53 good form pushups completed. One thing to remember in fitness and everything is safety first. During the pushups program I start getting headaches and I have to stop. Might be the heat, or humidity but I'm still getting more than the recommended minimum and safety first. After all you can't train if you're injured.

Verdict for situps: 117 completed. Goal accomplished.

Verdict for Squats: 104. goal accomplished.

See you Monday or Tuesday for my week.

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