Monday, July 5, 2010

Week four Day 1 of 100 Pushups, Week 2 of situps and squats

Hello everyone and welcome back.

Today is week 4 day one of my 100 pushups program and Week 2 day one of my situps and squats program.

My goal today for pushups is 40% more for the last set (minimum 32) or 45. If I don't make it this week 40% more while ambitious was not attainable.

Verdict: Got to 45. I achieved my goal.

My Goal today for the situps program is 2.6 times for the last set minimum of 17, so I'm shooting for 37

Verdict: Got to 37. I achieved my goal.

My Goal today for the squats program is also 2.6 times the last set minimum of 20, so I'm shooting for 52.

Verdict: Got to 52. I achieved my goal.

Unfortunately somehow I miscalculated what 2.6 times 17 was, the real answer was 44, so I did not achieve my goal.

For next workout learn proper math and 2.6 times for each of the sit ups and squats program last set and 40% more than the recommended last set on the push ups program.

See you on Wednesday.

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